"Water's Ready" watercolor 
donated at the 2006
Trout Unlimited Banquet
C. J. Carr
Outdoor Art by
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"Opening Day" watercolor 16x20
Donated to Trout Unlimited

"See the Moose"
 watercolor 15x19 
 "Tree Spirits"  watercolor 18 x 24 
"Indian Hollow" watercolor 18x24
Donated to Trout Unlimited
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"On the Boil" 
watercolor 16 x 20
Donated to Trout Unlimited
"Ridge Trail" 
 watercolor 15 x 19
"Through my art, I try to communicate the sense of calm and peace I feel when I'm in the outdoors.  I get my inspiration on camping and canoe trips in and around the woods and waters of New England."
 -C. J. Carr
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"Allagash Falls" 
watercolor 15 x19
Donated to Trout Unlimited
"First Morning Call"  watercolor
"Mother and Child"
pastel 15 x 19 (available $300.00)
"Pillusbury Island Beggar" pastel 15 x19 (sold)
"Morning Call"  pastel  
Westfield River, MA
Donated to Trout Unlimited 2002
"Streamside" pastel 18x24 
Indian Hollow Campground, MA
Donated to Trout Unlimited
My favorite charity, 
Trout Unlimited
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 watercolor 8 x 10 (available $150.00)
"Tying One On" watercolor
"Kezar Falls, Me." 
watercolor 9x12 
pastel 17x21
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             "Love's Return"
               pastel 33 x 43 (available)
"The Workhorse" 
colored pencil
Donated to Trout Unlimited
Prices subject to 6.25% Mass. sales tax
"Call of the Loon" pastel
auctioned at the March 2003 
Trout Unlimited Banquet
"St. Regis Pond"watercolor  March 2004
Trout Unlimited Banquet
"Winter Stream" 
 pastel 15 x 19 (available) $350.00
"Purgatory Chasm" 
 pastel 15 x 19 (available $350.00)
designed with Homestead
"Westfield Pool" watercolor 
donated at the 2005 
Trout Unlimited Banquet
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"Little Pest" watercolor (available $200.00)
"Morning Call" pastel (sold)
"Points North" pastel (available $350.00)
"Feminine Appeal" watercolor (available $200.00)
"Allagash River" watercolor (available $250.00)
"Spring Stream" watercolor 2010
Donated to Trout Unlimited
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"Magnolia" pastel $300.00
"Into the Light" pastel $450.00​ donated to Trout Unlimited
"Martin's Cove, Maine" watercolor
donated to Trout Unlimited
"Birches" watercolor. $200.00
"Vermont Trail" oil
"Redbrook" pastel, donated to Trout Unlimited